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Welcome to iHymns.org, the website where composers can provide new hymn tunes, and these and other tunes can be downloaded free of charge.


At iHymns.org we have created a place where all of the tunes are free for any individual, group or church to use. This includes new tunes as well as well know existing tunes. In the upcoming months we plan to have over 1000 tunes available. You can search by Author, First Line, Meter, Hymn Number (from the Christian Hymns hymnbook), or Tune Name, using any words or exact phrase! Why not try a new tune to an old favourite hymn? It's easy to do, just use the search facility at the top right of the screen.


Anybody who has written a new tune for an old hymn or chorus, or a tune that has a meter suitable for a number of hymns or choruses, can send them to iHymns.org. Once our in house team have looked at the tune, it will appear on iHymns.org for all to use!


Biographies of old and modern hymn writers are also available free of charge on iHymns.org. These can be used for children’s talks, church newsletters, or just for interested friends.


Our Hymnipedia is the first place you will turn to for reference material about hymns & hymn writers.  Any member can add and edit information in this area.


Have you got a question or a statement to make? Head to the iHymns.org Blog area, where members can communicate with like-minded people.


To do any of these things, you need to become a member of iHymns.org. Log in to meet like-minded people, find fellowship near where you live or just to join the every growing family at iHymns.org.


The news section will provide up to date articles of interest to 21st Century Christians, and the notice board area is for members to post requests for prayer, or items of interest, or find churches and Christians near to you.

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