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iHymns.org was set up to promote singing amongst Christians. The aim of iHymns.org is to promote the great hymns of the Christian church by providing free hymns and choruses to anybody that wants them. We recognised that the cost of hymnbooks are often out of the reach of some fellowships, especially those in developing countries, or those that move a lot such as Military Personnel abroad. Since the main expense of a hymnbook is the copyright & royalty payments, all of the material on iHymns.org is available free of charge.


We also recognised that there are many hymns and choruses that are rarely sung because the tune is difficult to sing, dreary, or doesn’t fit the words. At iHymns.org we have set up a system where anybody can donate a new tune for an existing hymn, or just a new tune that can be used for many hymns. That’s why we offer a search by meter. If there is a tune you like, we’ll show you what other hymns can be sung to it.


You an also submit new hymns or choruses that have been written. Once accepted, all new tunes and hymns will be available free of charge to members at iHymns.org.

iHymns.org is
closely linked with the Christian Hymns hymnbook, and we are grateful for the assistance provided by them.

We realise that we are nothing without God. The primary aim of iHymns.org is to glorify our Lord and Saviour and to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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